EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS Our   team   of   employment   lawyers   is   respected,   knowledgeable   and   ready   to   provide   creative   results   for   employees   and   employers. Whether   you   are   an   established   business,   a   start-up,   looking   to   hire   or   dismiss   an   e   Office129mployee   we   are   here   to   assist.   We also act for employees who have been wrongly treated by their employer. We   review   severance   and   other   employment   agreements   for   executives,   managers   and   professionals.   We   arbitrate   and   litigate breach of non-compete or confidentiality clauses in employment contracts. We   conduct   work   place   investigations   in   cases   of   harassment,   theft,   workplace   violence,   fraud   or   other   types   of   dishonesty   to ensure that management can make proper decisions with legal advice. We regularly represent clients in the following areas: Severance Packages We   review   and   negotiate   severance   agreements   for   executives.   We   negotiate   better   terms   such   as   increased   pay   outs,   extended health benefits, better equity treatment and more. We can help you get a better deal. Workplace Investigations When   companies   face   internal   or   external   issues   of   problems   of   wrongdoing   (discrimination,   harassment,   whistleblowing,   they retained our firm to investigate the matter. Employment Contracts Employment   contracts   can   have   major   pitfalls   for   both   employers   and   employees.   Our   firm   can   help   you   draft   such   agreements   or act for you in reviewing them. Non Solicitation Clauses Numerous   lawsuits   have   been   won   or   lost   on   wrongly   drafted   non   solicitation   clauses.   Have   our   firm   draft   these   to   ensure   they comply with the latest precedents. Non-Competition Clauses and Agreement Non-compete   clauses   are   often   found   in   employment   agreements   across   a   broad   range   of   companies   and   firms,   including   financial services   companies   (investment   banks,   hedge   funds,   asset   managers,   etc.),   professional   services   firms   (physicians,   dentists,   CPAs, etc.) and corporations, particularly for executive/management level positions. Ensure that you are properly protected. Workplace Bullying & Harassment, Human Rights & Discrimination, Sexual Harassment Offensive   comments,   discrimination,   bullying,   or   unwanted   sexual   advances   by   a   supervisor,   manager   or   co-worker   can   create   a hostile,   intimidating,   or   offensive   work   environment.   Often   it   is   sexual   harassment   or   workplace   discrimination   on   the   basis   of   race, sex, religious beliefs, age, disability or sexual orientation. For a consultation on any of the above or anything employment related, please contact us.
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