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A larger number of companies and organizations deal with commercial lease and the renewal of such leases on a regular basis.  Here is what you need to know when dealing with them.

The   drafting   of   contracts   and   their   review   can   make or    break    a    successul    proposal.    Review    some    of    the most      important      challanges      when      it      comes      to contracts and agreements.

Setting    up    the    right    business    structure    is    essential when     opening     a     business.          Here     are     the     most important considerations when making your decision.

Employment    Agreements    are    essential    to    protect your    business    and    those    working    for    you.    Let    our lawyers   explain   the   key   clauses   you   need   to   ensure everyone is protected.

Federal,     Provincial     and     Municipal     regulations govern     many     in     the     pet     and     animal     industry. Review our basic summary on the matter. 
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Our     lawyers     can     act     for     franchisees,     franchisors, licensees   and   licensors.   Read   abour   some   important issues on these topics. 

Protecting   your   brand   is   one   of   the   first   steps   any business   should   take   in   its   planning.   Review   some of the key issues for trademarks.  

Consumer   complaints   are   becoming   more   common. Learn more about how to deal with them properly.

Estates     planning     and     succession     planning     is     a concern   for   most   successfull   businesses   and   pet owners.        Read    about    some    important    factors    to consider   when   setting   up   your   plans,   such   as   pet trusts. 

Our    firm    regularly    assisits    professionals    with complaints,         investigations,         and         discipline proceedings   against   them.   Read   some   essentials about such cases.

A    separation    or    divorce    can    result    in    difficult disputes     involving     ownership     over     assets     and property.    Review    some    of    the    recent    decisions made   by   Canadian   courts   regaridng   as   animal   law has made a unique impact in this area.
Pet   Industry   Law   and   Animal   Law   is   increasingly   becoming   more   complex.   Our   pet   industry   and   animal   law   lawyers   are   based   in   Toronto   with access   to   a   vast   legal   network   across   Canada.   Established   by   Bobila   Walker   Law   LLP,   the   Pet   Industry   and   Animal   Law   Practice   Group   was created   to   assist   manufactures,   vendors,   service   providers   and   customers   of   the   pet   industry   with   their   legal   needs.      Our   pet   industry   and animal   law   lawyers   provide   services   in   contract   and   commercial   law,   employment   law,   tort   law,   civil   litigation,   administrative   law,   criminal   law, constitutional   law,   trademark   law,   regulatory   law,   estates   planning,   professional   discipline   and   family   law.   The   Pet   Industry   and   Animal   Law Practice Group is well connected in the industry and able to provide effective legal advice.  Our   offices   are   centrally   located   in   downtown   Toronto.   We   represent   clients   across   the   province   that   need   advice   in   pet   indurty   and   animal law.   We   have   a   network   of      animal   lawyers   across   the   country   that   we   can   utilize   for   complex   nation   wide   cases.      We   invite   you   to   call   us   for an   appointment   and   discuss   your   legal   issues.   We   just   may   be   the   legal   solution   you   need   so   contact   us   at      416-847-1859   or   via   email   at
Located   in   the   heart   of   Toronto’s   financial   district,   our pet   industry   and   animal   law   lawyers   regularly   represent clients     from     across     the     country.          This     year     Bobila Walker     Law     has     been     awared     the     internationally recognized    Boutique    Estates    Planning    Law    Firm ”    and Boutique    Family    Law    FIrm ”    of    the    Year    by    Corporate International.    Our    firm    continues    to    expand    and    is always   looking   to   service   our   pet   industry   and   animal law clients more efficiently. Bobila   Walker   Law   is   proud   to   be   offering   special   rates to   members   of   the   Pet   Industry   Joint   Advisory   Council of Canada.  


We are passioate advocates who strive to achieve positive results for our clients in an efficient, ethical and cost effective manner.

BOBILPet Industry Law & Animal Law Practice Group

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Le   droit   de   l’industrie   des   animaux   de   compagnie   et   le   droit   animal   est de   plus   en   plus   complexe.   Nos   avocats   de   l’industrie   et   des   animaux   sont situés   à   Toronto   avec   un   accès   à   un   vaste   réseau   juridique   à   travers   le Canada.    Établit    par    Bobila    Walker    Law    LLP,    le    groupe    du    droit    de l’industrie   des   animaux   de   compagnie   et   du   droit   animal   a   été   créé   pour aider   les   fabricants,   les   marchands,   les   fournisseurs   de   services,   ainsi que   les   consommateurs   de   l’industrie   des   animaux   de   compagnie   avec leur    besoins    légaux.    Nos    avocats    fournissent    des    services    en    droit contractuel   et   commercial,   du   travail,   de   la   responsabilité   délictuelle   et de     marques,     en     loi     administrative,     criminelle,     constitutionnelle     et réglementaire,     en     litige     civil,     en     planification     des     successions,     en discipline   professionnelle   et   en   droit   de   la   famille.      Les   avocats   en   droit de   l’industrie   et   en   droit   animal   sont   bien   connectés   dans   l’industrie   et sont en mesure de fournir de bons conseils juridiques. Nos   bureaux   sont   situés   au   centre-ville   de   Toronto.   Nous   représentons des   clients   à   travers   la   province   et   avons   un   réseau   d’avocats   à   travers   le pays.   Nous   vous   invitons   à   nous   appeler   pour   faire   un   rendez-vous   et discuter    de    vos    problèmes    juridiques.    Nous    pouvons    être    la    solution légale   dont   vous   avez   besoin,   donc   contactez-nous   au   416-847-1859   ou par courriel au
Bobila Walker Law LLP

BOBILPet Industry Law & Animal Law Practice Group

100 King Streest West, Suite 5600 Toronto. Ontario M5X 1C9 Canada t: 416 847 1859 f: 416 644 8801 e:

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